Theme park Side

Antalya Side is a small resort town located on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey. When planning your vacation here, be sure - you will not be bored! You can go to a few theme parks in Side. We have listed a few of them for you.

Theme park Side
Side Tours

You can easily reach the theme parks in Belek and Manavgat from Side. But in addition to the sea and beaches in the city itself and its surroundings there are countless natural and historical attractions, which can be reached both with a well-organized group excursion and traveling independently.

And to bring even more variety and fun will help amusement parks in Side, a visit to which, by the way, can become a real wand while relaxing with children.

Antalya Side amusement parks

  • Manavgat Discovery Park is the closest amusement park to Side, located just 9 kilometers away in neighboring Manavgat. Such a walk will definitely appeal to all lovers of prehistoric animals. Dinopark was opened in 2014. In addition to the models of dinosaurs, made in the supposed full growth, there is a zoo, a terrarium, a cinema and a park area with the heroes of such cartoons as: "Shrek", "Madagascar", "Ice Age".
  • Aktur Lunapark in Manavgat will be interesting to everyone, regardless of age category. Its definite advantage is considered a short and tireless transfer. Guests are waiting for a carousel, a Ferris wheel, a room of fear and much more.
  • The Land of Legends in Belek is often compared to Disneyland. This is one of the most popular and largest theme parks in the country, attracting tourists from all resorts. On the territory of 63,000 hectares, two zones are established: a moon park and a water park, in which there are more than 70 extreme American and water slides - high, high, with swirls and dead loops.

Those who are not afraid of long journeys and distances can safely go for the whole day to the water parks of Alanya, Antalya, Kemer, completely immersing themselves in the carefree atmosphere of childhood, joy and laughter reigning in them.

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