How far is Side from Antalya airport

Antalya airport to Side distance is a pressing question for everyone who wants to visit the beautiful resort city Manavgat Side after they learned that it does not have its own airport. Antalya airport is not far from Side. The distance between these two places is only 65 kilometers.

How far is Side from Antalya airport
Side Tours

Side how far from the Antalya airport is a question asked by all comers who want to visit the magnificent resort town. Side is a picturesque and actively developing resort on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Its clean sandy beaches and azure waters attract thousands of new tourists every year.

Antalya airport to Side transfer time

The distance to it from the center of Side is only 65 kilometers, so the journey Antalya airport to Side transfer time will not take more than 1 hour 30 minute for the guests of the city who come to rest with any method of driving. There are two main transfer routes from Antalya Airport to the center of Side. The most popular is a two-hour ride on local buses - dolmus. In recent years, tourists have increasingly started using car rental services in Turkey, and often take a car for the convenience and quick movement that will not take more than an hour. Thus, the search query "Side how far from the airport" received a clear and specific answer.

Manavgat airport

The fact is that in the Manavgat city itself, unfortunately, there is no airport, but for tourists this is not a problem at all, since the nearest option to the city is located in Antalya. It is from here that you can fly to Cappadocia from Antalya Side or any other outbound tour.

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