Cappadocia hot air balloon festival

Cappadocia, which is worth seeing at every point, has a unique view especially during the hot air balloon festival.

Cappadocia hot air balloon festival
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The Hot Air Balloon Festival is a traditional event held every year in Cappadocia. As the name suggests, the festival, which is organized with the concept of hot air balloons, which is the symbol of Cappadocia, attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Cappadocia is a natural area that is extremely important in terms of history and tourism in Nevşehir. Cappadocia, which has the characteristic features of the Central Anatolia Region, attracts great attention from tourists.

It is thought that the hot air ballon festival, which has become a subject of great curiosity this year, as it does every year, will attract a lot of attention this year. We have compiled for you all the curious about this festival held in Cappadocia, one of Turkey's most beautiful holiday destinations.

Cappadocia hot air balloon festival dates

It is possible that the dates may vary according to the weather conditions. It is expected that the net date of the festival will be settled in July and the Cappadocia hot air balloon tickets will go on sale. The festival is planned to be held between 15 July and 25 July every year.

Cappadocia hot air balloon prices

The festival is organized for a fee. You can make a reservation for participation. To participate in the festival, you must make a reservation by calling the authorized persons at least 2 weeks before. For example, last year, many people could not find tickets due to the early filling of capacity. Therefore, you should not forget to make a reservation.

Standard balloon tour

A standard hot air balloon tour has a capacity of 24 to 28 people. The flight takes place for 45-60 minutes. The fee is 60 Euros.

Comfort balloon tour

Comfort hot air balloon tour: Flights are between 45 and 60 minutes in these tours for 12-16 people. For this tour you need to pay 90 Euros

Deluxe balloon tour

Deluxe hot air balloon tour: The capacity of these balloon tours is 12-16 people. But the duration of the tour is 90 minutes. 120 Euros must be paid for this tour

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