Diving in Turkey

Is not only in Turkey, every day the number of fans diving in the world is growing up. Now more than 3 million have gathered all over the world. That is why the authorities of the Turkey had a wonderful idea to improve diving

Diving in Turkey
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Diving points and centers in Turkey: The authorities of the Turkish state had a wonderful idea to improve diving in the country and the first place of such honor was awarded to the city of Side. Turkey, which is washed by 4 seas, is a good place for beginners and already successful divers.

Many companies offer to dive, including ours. There are two diving options from Side: in Side itself and in Alanya (transfer included). Now let's take a closer look at each of them.

In Alanya you can see caves, underwater grottoes, a large animal world, ranging from turtles to unusual fish. But diving in Side is much more interesting, here opened the first and so far the only underwater museum in all of Turkey. It is located in the southern part of Side, in the Manavgata area.

Side underwater museum

Side underwater museum are 5 different locations, where more than 110 exhibits are presented. Themed zones about the war of Independence, the art of reuniting with the universe in the form of swirling dervishes, luxurious flowering gardens. Material for exhibits is suitable for the origin of coral life, where we hope to soon form coral reefs with various underwater inhabitants. The museum also talks about the Anatolian civilization and its richness. Work with the exhibits took no more than 9 months, after which they were placed under water.

The most important thing is that the sculptures were created by careful technology, the purpose of which was not to harm underwater life and its inhabitants. More than 30,000,000 people have already been there. The depth varies from 9 to 25 m, it will be interesting to visit even professionals. The Turkish authorities are not going to stop there, and in all possible ways will try to improve diving and open similar museums in all tourist regions.

Popular diving centers in Turkey

And now about what are the most popular diving centers in Turkey.

  • Atlantis Dive Club It is located in Alanya. This club offers training for beginners and quality immersion for professionals.
  • Blue Peace. The club is based in Alanya. They opened in 2005 and are still their unwavering motto of "professionalism and safety." They offer students training and at the end issue certificates.
  • A and P Divers Diving Centre in Alanya. This center has been operating for many years, since 1996. This is a huge experience and interesting routes. There are quite a few hotels on the coast that work together with this center.
  • Bodrum Diving Located in Bodrum. They teach on the programs of popular diving schools all over the world, it is Padi, Ssi, Cmas. And use in the work of the equipment of a quality firm Mares.
  • Aqua Age Diving Centre in Kemer. It began its activities in 1998. Multilingual trainer-instructors with many years of experience are ready to train you.
  • Aquaholics Dive Centre in Marmaris. This Dive Club is the only center in Marmaris that is certified by National Geographic. It is located in an exquisite five-star hotel on the Dat'a Peninsula. You can just learn for yourself, or you can learn to be an instructor.
  • Scuba Side This diver's centre is located in Side. They provide training courses for children and adults. There are different types of diving, from the beach to the nitrox in diving. Nitrox is the name of gas mixtures, in which the oxygen content is greater than in the surrounding air. They are designed to increase the time of screeding without undergoing decompression procedures.

Where to go for quality services to decide for you! The main thing is to realize your dream and move forward for the new!

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