Goreme National Park

Goreme National Park
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Thinking of Cappadocia is on everyone's lips. This is not only the name of the city, but also the national park, the open-air museum. Eastern Turkey is famous for the province of Nevshehir, where Cappadocia is located. The country of beautiful fairies has an unusual landscape and is considered a magical place. There are daily flights in balloons filled with helium.

Goreme National Park is one of the most important excursion destinations that take most tourists to Cappadocia. At the beginning of 1985, it was listed as a UNESCO heritage site, which in turn ensured its national status and the state's protection of all historical and material values of the region. You can meet him live as part of the Cappadocia program from Side for two days.

What's special about Goreme National Park

The park covers 300 square meters. km, but all you need to see is collected in the vicinity of the city, formerly called Avjilar. The unusual landscape was formed thanks to a once awakened volcano, which turned this mountain valley into an unearthly area covered with tuf.

Goreme National Park is decorated with rocky statues of different shapes and sizes, or as they are also called "peribajalars", which means "fairy fireplaces". Thanks to the work of nature and the man who loved this area, and turned out to be real cave towns.

Christian cradle - Goreme!

Rooms in the rocks originated in the 6th century, this time became difficult for Christian believers. They fled From Byzantium, fleeing the invasion of the Arabs and found shelter in Cappadocia, namely the underground passages, and then began to work hard to turn them into whole cities, where only the locals could navigate. Among the monuments of Christian architecture that have survived to this day, preserved a convent, the temple of St. Basil, the church Elmali Kilise, the Dark Church and several others. Some of them can see ancient wall frescoes, especially well preserved in the Dark Church, due to the fact that the room inside the church is not exposed to ultraviolet light. There is always a twilight, hence the name.

You will not have enough hours to get to know Goreme, so we recommend visiting Cappadocia a few days, it is only a small advantage of the province. And then your attention will take: Valley of Love, Blue, Red and Pink Valley, the village of Chavushin, pottery workshop, underground city of Saratly, festival of balloons and many other attractions. Go on an adventure.